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Painless Dental Solutions with Sedation Dentistry in Thompson, MB

At City Dental Clinic, we are well aware that the fear of pain can stop a lot of you from getting your dental issues treated. That is why City Dental Clinic offers sedation dentistry. We provide various ways of temporary sedation so that you can relax comfortably while we try to give you the best dental solutions. Our team of professional dentists is equipped to provide you with the perfect level of sedation, as per your dental issue. So, whether you want a root canal treatment or teeth extraction , our sedation dentistry is the answer to all your dental woes.

Different Levels of Sedation

Different people have different dental issues and therefore require different treatments. Some procedures can be carried out under mild sedation while other complex procedures need stronger options. Here are the various levels of sedation offered by us:


mild sedation that keeps you relaxed but awake during the entire procedure.


slightly stronger form of sedation wherein your mouth is numb and you may slur for a while.


keeps you at the edge of unconsciousness but you can still respond slightly.


strongest level of sedation that keeps you in a complete state of unconsciousness.

Different Types of Sedation

In order to carry out dental treatments, we offer different types of sedation techniques. The choice of the technique depends upon the extent of sedation required. Here are the different types:

Nitrous Oxide:

This includes pills that are given orally to the patient an hour before the treatment to relax for the procedure.


This is a quick and efficient type of sedation wherein a sedative is induced through a vein and the patient loses consciousness.

Intravenous Sedation

Laughing gas is induced into the patient’s body through the nose with the help of a mask. It does not last long.

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