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Teeth Cleaning Tips and Services in Thompson

People often ignore the importance of oral health and hygiene even though it is as important to keep your mouth healthy as any other part of the body. As a committed dental service, we make sure that the people of Thompson enjoy the best oral health for a long time. That is why our job is not just limited to providing you with dental services. We also provide general tips and tricks so that you can take better care of your mouth and teeth. We suggest all our patients take routine dental check-ups twice a year and schedule visits for cleaning and X-rays regularly. A little proactiveness from your end can save you a lot of dental trouble in the future.


What to Expect During the Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

There is no doubt that once you know what to expect during the teeth cleaning procedure, your fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist will reduce. You can expect the following while during your teeth cleaning session:

-The dentist performs a physical dental exam to check for any possible dental issues.

-Then the procedure for removal of plaques and tartar takes place, using a scaler.

-After your teeth are made tartar-free, professional cleaning toothpaste is used for polishing.

-Next comes the process of flossing, as it helps locate the trouble spots in your mouth.

At last, you go through the process of rinsing to get rid of any debris. Generally, the rinse includes liquid fluoride. Finally, our dentists will perform the fluoride treatment. The fluoride treatment helps protect your teeth against cavities for a few months.

City Dental Clinic only uses appropriate tools and equipment for performing teeth cleaning in Thompson. We can assure you that we use quality products, as your oral hygiene is our priority.

Ways to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy

Brush and floss at least twice a day, without fail.

Reduce the intake of alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks.

Change your eating habits and take a balanced diet.

Eat calcium and vitamin-rich food products.

Maintain a healthy sleep cycle by getting a full night’s sleep.

A little effort goes a long way. Adopting a few healthy practices in your daily hygiene routine can bring about a huge difference in your overall oral health. So, instead of harming your oral health by adopting unhealthy lifestyle practices, try these simple tips to maintain an everlasting smile.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

Teeth cleaning is a painless dental procedure. It might cause some discomfort during and after the teeth cleaning process. There are a few instances where some patients might face minimal pain due to their dental condition, such as dental sensitivity because of inflammation and gum diseases or tooth decay.


What Is Tartar?

Tartar is a type of hardened plaque that gets accumulated underneath your gums. If not catered to in time, you might face problems of cavities and gum diseases. The most common indicator of tartar build-up is the yellowing of your teeth.


Why Is Teeth Cleaning Important?

When we eat, food particles get stuck between our teeth. When not removed or cleaned over a long period, it causes dental problems. When you consider professional teeth cleaning, you agree for a fresh breath, saving time and money, and a great smile.

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